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October 19, 2007

A Whole Lot of Changes for ClearVision Media: Hey now! I haven't written on this blog for quite sometime. So I wanted to make a quick little entry about all the changes going on with ClearVisio ..more

June 2, 2007

6 months into 2007 and WOW!: I always seem to surprise myself with how my life is so connected to timelines yet I end up looking at my calendar on days like today and am like WOW! ..more

February 21, 2007

Still Alive and Kickin!: You may have thought we fell off the face of the planet, but we have actually been working extremely hard to turn out, Not only that but I finally ..more

January 2, 2007

Bring it on 2007: We're back from vacation and ready to take on 2007. I'm very excited for this year and all the things we have planned. :) With that being said I s ..more

December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays from ClearVision Media, Inc.: Here is a quick list of stuff that we are working on for 2007: So with that being said, I hope everyone enjoys thei ..more

December 15, 2006

Overview of Ad Spending Nationwide: Below is the chart from Make sure you check out the actual FULL report by clicking on either the TNS Data table or the link above. Even thoug ..more

December 7, 2006

Quick Update: I haven't posted on this blog for a while so I wanted to make sure all the readers know we aren't dead, just crazy busy working with our clients. ..more

November 27, 2006

HOORAY FOR CYBERMONDAY!: For those that don't know With that being said, How many people shop on Cyber Monday? Well, one polling place says that 60.7million people p ..more

November 20, 2006

ClearVision Media website gains Uniques: This is just a quick bulletin to toot our own horns as we have exceeded last months numbers with 10 days to spare. With that being said, I will attem ..more

November 15, 2006

Thoughts on Techknowlogy Summit: Overall, I thought the was a great swing in the right direction for South Dakota and the technology community that (believe it or not) exists in that ..more

November 8, 2006

Off to Sioux Fall, SD: I am also attending the That's it for now, to all my clients I will be visiting today, look forward to it. :) To all the attendants I'll ge ..more

November 4, 2006

I will be attending Techknowlogy Summit: At first glance of the If you would like to meet up with me feel free to Look forward to it! and see you there! //Griffin

November 3, 2006

Site Updates: We upgraded our website this morning. The following changes have made: Thanks to all the visitors that continue to come back to ..more

November 2, 2006

ClearVision Media moves into PPC market: Well, the decision makers here at ClearVision Media, Inc. have decided to move into the PPC market. We have done minor campaigns for a few of our cli ..more

October 25, 2006

Time for the Blackberry Upgrade!: I decided that ClearVision Media, Inc. could use an upgrade and this time it was the phones. I decided to replace the old My review of th ..more

October 18, 2006

Time for some News and Changes!: Moving on to one of my FAVORITE topics, Another quick note, Google is now going to be adding We (ClearVision Media, Inc.) continue to grow ..more

October 9, 2006

Google acquires YouTube for 1.65bil!: Google is widely known for it's infrastructure and bandwidth allocation (which doesn't even come close to being used up each month). ..more

October 6, 2006

Business Continues in midst of PR update..: We all know that PR is constantly changing internally at most every major Search Engines. That internal updating is usually the fluctuation that you ..more

September 23, 2006

Back From Search Bash Jamaica: So I returned from Negril, Jamaica -- two days ago. I wanted to wait to post about it until we have our pictures, but I wanted to make a post here on ..more

September 11, 2006

ClearVision Remembers 9/11: I wanted to make a post for all of us at ClearVision Media, Inc. that we will never forget the tradegies that happened on September 11th, 2001. We ex ..more

September 5, 2006

No More Adwords API for You, Well, for free at least.: While perusing At first you don't think it's so bad because a quarter doesn't sound like a lot of money until you realize you are doing some 30 ..more

August 31, 2006

Incisive Decides to let Danny Ride Out: A couple days ago there was a big uproar in SEO/SEM community that I am a part of. The news broke that For those that don't know Incisive Media ..more

August 28, 2006

Google and eBay form Advertising Alliance: It looks like two of the biggest internet players have teamed up! Sounds like it's a pretty sweet deal for Google and eBay alike that has the possib ..more

Google Usage Slipping? Ummm You be the Judge: It's always interesting to speak with clients about what they think about search. We think that the information in the article is at the very le ..more

August 23, 2006

Welcome to our New Site: Here at CVM we have finally put our site up. Over the course of a few weeks we will be gathering information to put in the different sections of the ..more

August 13, 2006

SES San Jose = INCREDIBLE: So we went, we saw, we remember San Jose which is more than I can say about some of the other people we encountered that we introduced ourselves to se ..more

We're going to Mi... San Jose: ClearVision Media, Inc. will be in San Jose for what, I believe, is one of the biggest Search Industry events of the year: Search Engine Strategies. ..more

Website UP!: We finally did it! After referral after referral we finally found enough time for OUR site and boy are we happy! Now you can fully see the services ..more